LNG Services

Among its higher profile projects, McAllister was chosen to participate in ship-assist operations for specially designed LNG tankers at Cove Point, MD in the Chesapeake Bay. McAllister designed and had two tugs built specifically for the project. The Emily Anne McAllister and AJ McAllister, working as part of the Chesapeake Energy Services, LLC venture, have been routinely servicing the Cove Point terminal, the largest liquefied natural gas import facility in the United States, since it reopened in 2003. Both the Emily Anne and AJ are state-of-the-art Z-drive tractor tugs whose horsepower exceeds 5,000. In addition to their massive horsepower, both tugs are equipped with advanced firefighting equipment. Each tug has two 12V-92A Nijhuis HGT 1 pumps capable of delivering 11,000 gpm of water and are outfitted with SKUM remote-controlled fire monitors with foam injection capability and a 1,100 gpm deluge system. The Emily Anne and AJ are classified FiFi 1 by the American Bureau of Shipping.

The crews aboard the Emily Anne and AJ have gone through extensive training not only for safety and firefighting but also for handling LNG tankers. With the demand for natural gas growing, McAllister is ready with its equipment and crews to handle the fast-developing LNG terminals and ships in the United States.

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