The tugs Patrick McAllister and Rainbow work on a cement barge in Providence, Rhode Island.

Providence Steamboat Company

Providence, RI

With operations established in 1881, Providence Steamboat Company is one of the oldest tugboat operations in New England. Providence Steamboat provides a full range of ship assist services on Narragansett Bay including the ports of Fall River and Somerset Massachusetts and Providence, Tiverton, Melville, Newport, Jamestown Anchorage, Quonset, and Davisville, Rhode Island.

Providence Steamboat has a long record of safe and reliable operations and is well known for its wheelhouse green tugs, with black stacks and the white disk logo. In addition to assisting tankers, and tugs and barges in the petroleum trade, the company also works bulk cargos at the Providence Municipal dock and coal at local utility plants, serves the Navy in Newport, and assists car ships calling in the port of Davisville. The company operates from two locations with the office and dock at India Street in Providence, and a dock and maintenance facility off Shaw Street in Fall River, Massachusetts. Providence is also the homeport for McAllister Towing's offshore wind vessels.

One India Street
Providence, RI 02903

(401) 521-2450
Vice President & General Manager
Capt. Roger Francis
Vice President of Northeast Operations
Capt. Brian J. Fournier
Port Compliance Coordinator
John Brown
Port Engineer
Ethan Gifford

Providence Fleet