The Robert McAllister safely eases on to the USS Delaware, a Virginia class attack submarine.

McAllister Towing of Philadelphia / New Jersey

Philadephia, PA

Active in the Port of Philadelphia since the 1940s, McAllister has become a driving force in the Philadelphia harbor, New Jersey and along the Delaware River. McAllister's fleet of tugs is ideal for all ship docking, general harbor, and barge assist work. McAllister also provides barge towing services that include both the upper and lower Chesapeake Bay.

Captain Benton has been with McAllister since 2000. He is personally active in all aspects of his business and believes in “leading from the front.” He also ensures that all his personnel maintain the highest standards in professionalism, safety, and customer service.

2604 Penrose Ferry Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Emergency Dispatch
(609) 820-0950
Vice President & General Manager
Capt. Joseph E. Benton III
Operation Manager
Walter Justice Sr.
Port Engineer
Ryan Mace

Philadelphia / New Jersey Fleet