McAllister Towing of Florida, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL 32239


Street Address:
4358 Apollo Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32226


Telephone (24 Hr.): (904) 751-6228

Toll Free: (888) 764-5982

Fax: (904) 751-9620

Email: Jacksonville@mcallistertowing.com


General Manager & Vice President: Capt. Michael L. Ring

Port Engineer: Sean Hammock


Operations Manager: Wally Baines

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In 1562 Frenchman Jean Ribault led his men up the St. Johns River and established a settlement called Fort Caroline . Three years later, English trader John Hawkins sailed to the mouth of the St. Johns River to replenish his water supply. While there, he traded guns an ammunition for food and other supplies with the French Huguenots at Fort Caroline . This was the first waterborne international transaction in the New World and as a result Jacksonville can claim the distinction of being " America 's First Port ".


Today the Port of Jacksonville is thriving with a vibrant international trade. McAllister Towing commenced operations in 1986 and today participates in providing unsurpassed ship docking services to over 2,200 vessels entering the Port of Jacksonville.


Captain Michael L. Ring has over fifty years of experience in the maritime industry. Since 1971 Captain Ring has worked with McAllister and has risen in the ranks to become the General Manager and Vice President of the Port of Jacksonville.