Recognition for the crew of the tug Buckley McAllister

April 12, 2024

The crew of the Buckley McAllister is presented with Certificates of Appreciation.

Providence Steamboat Company and the crew of the tug Buckley McAllister recognized for heroic action!
In January of this year while working a car carrier in the Port of Davisville, Buckley captain Craig Lewis witnessed a port employee fall into the frigid waters of Narragansett Bay. Capt. Lewis immediately implemented emergency action and steered the Buckley toward the distressed line handler. Upon reaching the individual, the crew were able to quickly respond and get him aboard the tug safely. They then brought the line handler to the dock where EMS were able to treat the individual.
In recognition of their intrepid rescue efforts, Joseph Riccio, Port Director at Davisville, honored Providence and each individual crewmember of the tug Buckley with Certificates of Appreciation.
Bravo to Mate Devon Lancaster, Chief Engineer Michael Bibby, AB Adam Gauvin and Captain Craig Lewis for their quick response and lifesaving actions!

The tug Buckley plows through the waters in Providence, Rhode Island.