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Quality and Safety System Certified

On Thursday, October 13th, McAllister Towing of New York achieved its full term ISO 9000 and International Safety Management (ISM) Code Certification. Sergio Antonini, a Lead Auditor with the American Bureau of Shipping spent two days at our Staten Island offices where he interviewed 19 employees including Brian, Buckley and A.J. McAllister. Said Antonini “All the personnel that I interviewed were very cooperative and conveyed an excellent knowledge of the company safety and quality system, manuals and procedures”.

Antonini reviewed hundreds of records, asked as many questions, and in the end was able to find only two minor non-conformances: one related to planned maintenance record keeping, and another to an out of date telephone number listed in a response plan. To find only two nonconformities during an initial registration audit is unusual and speaks to a great amount of effort and preparation on the part of the Staten Island staff. John Torgersen, Quality and Safety Director said “I have been involved with a great many ISO/ISM registrations, and this is the fewest nonconformities that I have ever seen during a registration audit”.

ISM is part of the Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) Convention and is mandatory for all ocean going vessels over 1600 tons. Almost all of the ships that we dock up and down the coasts are certified to the ISM Code. ISO 9000 is an international quality standard that is used by many of our larger customers to assure themselves that suppliers of services like McAllister are fully capable and will provide reliable services.

McAllister’s ISO/ISM certification is the result of 2 years of preparation, training, internal auditing and inspecting. More than just a piece of paper, certification shows how far McAllister has come in upgrading its quality, safety and environmental management systems, and demonstrates its long term commitment to remaining a leader in the industry.

Upon hearing of McAllister’s success, Captain Brian McAllister remarked, “Since 1864, McAllister has striven to provide our customers with the best equipment available, as well as developing new technologies to improve our service in an ever changing market place. The successful outcome of the ISM/ISO 9001 audit is in keeping with our long-standing tradition of “unsurpassed service” and I wanted to personally thank everyone there for their talent, tenacity and hard work in achieving such a high standard in our largest Port. Congratulations to all for a job well done!”